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#356369 - The woman was saved by an unlikely event, a gang of Movement for Democratic Reform (MDR) had attacked a ZANU PF Land Rover when it broke down, the War veterans had fought back and captured their attackers and Stephens was asked to work his magic. A shot rang out and Pieter fell to the floor dead. The Maids wandered around the camp, hands tied behind their backs, their wounds had healed but their frustration built like a pressure cooker until one of them found an old bicycle pump and sank down to force it up his arse and stimulate the itch that needed scratching, his imbedded penis swelled and soon there was a crowd watching the Maid cavorting as he tried to wank himself off using a bicycle pump up his arse, the crowd laughed and shouted, it was so funny, and the Maid was so caught up in things that he could not stop.

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