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#120947 - Better, he asked her, while snuggling closer to her warm body. My god, he thought, her boobs are incredible, even if he was getting a somewhat limited feel through her tight sweater. A small line of drool ran down her cheek, her eyes seemed to glaze over, and it was obvious to Trent that she was in the middle of a huge sexual episode! He himself was very close to blowing his nut, so to push her over the edge, he whispered, Sonja, did you know that your body would give any man a huge erection!?! Just hearing the word erection was all the poor girl could take, as her pussy contracted hard, sending a climax racing through her body! Her hand was now flying up and down Trent's meat, and when he felt her body tense up, his pecker gave up its cum in a spurting torrent! Her hand was now covered with his goo, and he said, Be careful, but lick it off! Obediently she slipped her cum filled hand to her mouth and greedily licked it clean.

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