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#195633 - He started to rant again on how I needed punishment and lessons on how to behave he went over to the chest and took out a long thick object it started to hum as he switched it on as he passed it over my thighs a hundred little tiny shocks ran through me I screamed in surprise that's better you cock sucking bitch I said I'd make you suffer as I screamed I saw his prick strain against his leather trousers I needed cock and the only way to get it was to scream as loud and as hard as I could I begged him to stop not to fuck me his cock twitched he moved to throbbing probe up over my tits and he got into position between my legs he pushed the probe into my mouth as he undid his trousers pulling out his cock it pressed against my pussy I screamed harder desperate for him to enter me using all my power to buck my hips forward he got so exited he forced his way into me I bucked and jerked pretending I didn't wont him to fuck me he pushed harder he wasn't big but he battered

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