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#413723 - “Sure – but you mustn’t tell anyone outside this room, ok?” I gave him the first folder of Ping, and I went to make my coffee, offering him one or water but he said he was fine as he coo’d over the photos, squealing at Ping and putting his hand over his mouth when he came to her flamboyantly portraying her modeling abilities – against the very same patio doors a few metres across the room. As my lips were about to touch his, Bo squeaked “Now, Tuan, oh now, now, now…” And then he thrust his mouth up at mine, tongue extended, delving into my own pressed downwards and opened to him, and his hands clamped with nails into the flesh of one buttock and even through the sheet covering the other one! God, I had never felt this before, as I ground my hips against him, two cocks jousting like lances of knights of yore, slick and stiff, and Bo used his hands then sliding down to my crack and under me, his fingers getting slipperier by the nanosecond as they ploughed through the juices under u

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I love his cock
Did this bitch really jus fold the fucking page thats so fuckn bad wtf