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#315203 - Part your legs I’m going down slow, Tonight you’ll be my little ho, I stick my tongue between your lips, As I hold you firm by the hips, On your back, feet in the air, My mouth is buried in your hair, I take my time as I lick your mound, My tongue going slowly up and down, I suck your button as your juices flow, As I slowly make your arousal grow, I can clearly hear your moans and sighs, As I work my magic between your thighs, Your hips bucking as you squirm about, You start to scream, my name you shout, I drive you wild as you shout my name, Cause I’m the reason that you came, I’m the only one you need to know, The guy who licks you nice and slow. 10-27-09.

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Yuuki tachimukai
I would love to be woken up like this xx
You shod be doing something useful like helping her get through the 7th grade