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#50797 - -What now?- I asked after some time of not doing anything -Well your dream came true didn’t it?- Sara said- you wanted to fuck your hot sister, now you did- -That he did- it was Kim who answered, we all laughed -Well did you like it?-Sara asked me - I did,I loved it, it was excellent, best first time sex ever!- I said Sara laughed and stretched still naked next to me on the couch I touched her and laughed as well, I was getting horny again. I just dropped on the bed, thinking what the hell was going on, I was very very confused. -Now that was good-she said and kept on opening and closing her mouth -you gotta let me put it in you- I told her - I thought you just did- Kim said smiling and I touching my face -You know what I mean, put it inside inside you- I felt kind weird but I did want to have sex with her -you know it doesn’t work that way- she told me still holding my face- I don’t feel anything that way and sometimes it’s kind of messy -but I want to have sex!!- Not ju

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